Application Maintenance and Support

Rapid expansions brought about by transformation in business scenarios have made the task of running businesses ever-so-complex. Technology, especially IT, has been playing the role of a business enabler since quite some time and, there seemed to be some respite from this complexity to businesses. However, increasing technological advancements continue to present organizations with both opportunities as well as challenges. While innovations allow businesses to tap into hereto unforeseen areas and derive the best out of their investments, the flip side of it is that the applications in place should always be ready to accommodate as well as foster such business scope seamlessly. Thus, it has become imperative for the enterprise applications to be not only performing at optimum levels almost always but also be capable of absorbing any changes brought about by an impending business scenario as well as the ever-evolving business atmosphere.

Otherwise application failures, downtime, or performance issues can have far-reaching implications such as business performance lags, financial losses, and reduced competitive edge – thereby also denting customer satisfaction of the company’s offerings. Thus, end-to-end management of infrastructure, applications, and business processes is a critical business imperative which not only ensures that enterprise-wide applications are always up and running but are also upto speed with the dynamic business requirements.

Why Radiance?
Apart from developing some of the most sophisticated and customized applications for our customers, that meet all their requirements, we are sufficiently equipped and extensively experienced to also enhance and maintain those applications. The underlying principle of all our application maintenance initiatives is to increase the ROI as well as rendering our clients business a distinct competitive edge. The frameworks, proven methodologies, and international process standards and, the expertise and domain experience of our application maintenance and support team ensures that the enterprise applications are ever-fully functional with minimal down-time and, hence, minimal business disruptions, high availability, and high performance.

Our modus operandi
The application maintenance and support team undertakes constant maintenance of all the business applications of customers in order to ensure that they withstand the rigors as well as the demands of the users. Regular performance checks and stringent performance audit processes are undertaken to review operational aspects such as intended use, actual delivery, lags, system recovery when down, and further, inefficiencies in the applications, if any, are identified and the scope for improvement suggested. This ensures that the applications are always in-tune with the requirements.

Our AMS offerings include

  • Round-the-clock application support to ensure disruption-free application availability.
  • Incident management and escalation, where necessary.
  • SLA-based application and knowledge management.