BI And Analytics

The advent of information technology and its subsequent adoption across a large cross-section of people around the globe has resulted in mountains of data. Thus, businesses -irrespective of the nature of their industry and type- in order to stand out as well as create greater value for their investments, are endeavoring to extract critical information from this immense data which is often referred to as “Big Data”. This data needs to be collected, collated, and used intelligently by organizations to further their business interests.

However, as nature of businesses varies, so do the form and format and, therefore, the availability of the same for decision-makers. Moreover, all organizations do not necessarily employ the same data collection, back-up and storage mechanisms. Consequently, the complexity of mining the data to bring out relevant and practically useful data or information increases manifold.

Therefore, organizations need an expert partner who can do this for them relatively easily. You will find that our analytics process team ensures that the data is used to decipher the past, present and the likely future scenarios of the business environment.

Our cross-industry service offerings:

  • Architect a system that is not only capable and diligent, but is also both, present and future-smart.
  • Custom-build, implement, and maintain analytics systems that yield practical business intelligence
    Predictive analysis.
  • Strategic alliances with ISPs

Our business intelligence and analytics offerings encompass the following packages:

  • SAP BI
  • Oracle OBIEE
  • Hyperion
  • MS Power BI