Technological innovation continues to drive business transformation. As consumption of everything — services, offerings, products, and help has also changes, it is paramount for businesses to align with respect to their target consumers’ changing preferences and consumption patterns. In other words, they have to be where the customers are; do what they expect of you; and give what they want and, where and how they want.

But, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Large enterprises inherently tend to grow asset-heavy over time – in terms infrastructure, manpower, and scale. Therefore, the constantly evolving business atmosphere makes it imperative for them to not only optimize their resource utilization but also to spend judiciously when acquiring resources required to run their business efficiently. IT infrastructure plays a vital role in achieving this objective to an extent and, therefore, businesses allocate a good portion of their annual budget toward IT spend. As business operations expand and diversify, this spending continues to grow gradually, sky-rocketing in due course.

But all that has become a thing of the past (well, almost!) with the advent of the break-through technological innovation called Cloud Services. Cloud services offer businesses the option of NOT spending towards buying software licenses and the corresponding / required hardware, and maintenance; while still enabling them to accrue the benefits of all the functions that the IT infrastructure would have performed for their business. Since it is service-based in nature, businesses have the flexibility of choosing and un-choosing what and when they need and do not need – to achieve operational efficiency.

Radiance cloud services help businesses to be as productive as they were when asset-heavy while still being asset-light; resulting in considerable amount of savings in their IT spends. In essence, our cloud services afford businesses the agility, innovation and quick time-to-market that are so vital in maintaining competitive advantage in an ever-changing and evolving market.


Consulting and advisory services

Radiance software solutions group comprises of solutions architects that have extensive cloud implementation experience. Their exposure and delivery of cloud services across a multitude of verticals provides us with the right capabilities to offer consulting and advisory services for all your cloud services related business requirements.
While cost is a key take-away from effective cloud implementations, the agility, flexibility and speed to deploy new applications are also major reasons why cloud implementation is justified. With our cloud services offering you can avail on-demand infrastructure capabilities that enable resources of your IT infrastructure such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and related services become scalable and easily deployable at minimum cost and effort.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud services team helps clients undertake migration to cloud in a seamless and un-disruptive manner. To ensure this, a well planned migration strategy conceived and implemented thus overcoming any latency that may arise while preserving the business objectives of the applications / systems intact.


Radiance cloud application development services are offered with the primary objective of reducing your migration costs, improving performance and maximizing efficiency. We have a global strategic cloud alliance partnership with Salesforce and, we also partner with Cloudera to offer our complete range of cloud services.

The application development services include:

    • Designing integrated cloud app components that enable application scaling
    • Specialized cloud architecture patterns to handle scalability, distributed users, failures and big data – to ensure maximum benefits from the cloud
    • Development and testing of the cloud programs through different modules

Thus, we provide you with a complete range of cloud application development solutions. We design and develop custom applications which are built to harness the maximal efficiency of the cloud.

Cloud management and monitoring

Radiance provides maintenance of cloud program(s) as well as their upgradation on a regular basis to provide un-disrupted services to businesses. Therefore, let us manage your complete cloud ecosystem (private, public, or hybrid) to achieve greater operational agility and better IT governance from applications and platforms through cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure

Radiance  Microsoft Azure services provide complete range of hosting and back-end integration services to all types of enterprise applications.