Radiance combines the profound knowledge about different subjects along with IT acumen for rendering our clients with accurate platforms for e-Learning. Our team has all the necessary expertise for performing to the expectations of our e-Learning clients. The in-depth knowledge possessed by our team helps in saving development time and delivering top-quality finished products and solutions.

By collaborating with Radiance in creating state-of-the-art e-learning solutions will provide high quality solutions due to the extensive subject knowledge of our team members who are involved at every stage of production. You can be completely confident of meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality and accuracy.

Key takeaways for clients from selecting Radiance as a partner for their e-Learning solutions:

  • Comprehensive and varied experience in execution of e-Learning projects that cover compliance standards, interoperability, and integration with your existing applications
  • Thorough understanding of the standards relevant in the e-Learning industry
  • Vast expertise for working on cross platforms