Retail & E-Commerce

When it comes to marketing, online is definitely the place to be as e-commerce seems to have over-hauled the entire concept of marketing and, given it a new paradigm altogether. And, as online sales continue to increasingly rule the top-lines of businesses, it has become imperative for almost all brands -irrespective of the verticals they ply their trade in- to have a web store.

Therefore, such businesses are constantly seeking to align with an able partner which can facilitate effective and seamless e-commerce for them. Our exemplary record of delivering web and e-commerce solutions for myriad verticals equips us with the necessary wherewithal to provide practical and highly efficient web-commerce solutions to our clients.

Flexibility and ease-of-use: Our e-commerce solution development teams constantly strive to create platforms that offer both, flexibility and ease-of-use as the top-most features of all our solutions while also ensuring that the users have unique shopping experiences.

Extensive Customization:
What’s more, our clients get to decide for themselves, on effective counsel from our consultants if requested, as to what they want to see on their e-commerce portals and how their customers interact with and, consume and use the information as we provide customization based on specific requirements with built-in SEO feature on their web stores.

Variety and simplicity, together:
Be it responsive websites, increasing retention and loyalty through various promotional activities (such as coupons, gift cards and store credits) or simply layered browsing, we make e-commerce simple and easy to use for everyone.

Customer Satisfaction:
Thus, we enable businesses to allow their customers have complete control on what and how they buy to how they consume the information on these portals where displaying products, categorizing and show-casing their features is as much important as is actually buying.

We provide the following e-commerce services:

  • User-friendly portal, website, and web application development
  • Visually rich and easy-to-use experience for heightened customer engagement
  • Seamless integration with third-party solutions enabling cross-sell / up-sell
  • Portal revamping / modernization, upgrades, and migration
  • In-built analytics to capture user preferences and behaviours to facilitate recommendations
  • Customer profiling for targeted marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SLA-based 24×7 application maintenance and support