On the basis of vast experience of serving a diverse range of clients pertaining to different industry verticals, Radiance is able to identify the issues and trends that are impacting the technology organizations. These aspects are related to disruptive innovations, enterprise and device convergence, protection and explosion of vital data and social media.

The transformations of businesses that drive themselves on the basis of technology impact every other industry in more than one ways. The businesses then consider leveraging technology for optimization of IT, transforming business operations, monetization of different services and engaging communities and channels. There are several trends that impact consumer expectations and how the businesses address them.

Radiance understands that the technology industry will only be better positioned for thriving in this digital ecosystem if they are able to develop correct strategies and visions along with clear execution blue prints. We can provide just this to these organizations.

Right from our inception, we have been helping technology based companies to successfully introduce software solutions. We keep on evolving continuously for aiding these companies to perform better. We do this with our solutions based on latest platform; solutions that are of highest quality and fast. Radiance deploys proficient resources who adapt to standard practices and development tools for leveraging development.

Our specialization is to offer services to the following:

  • Commercial software development
  • SaaS Migration and Development
  • Embedded solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Software testing
  • Software outsourcing solutions

On a broad perspective, our solutions encompass:

  • Business Intelligence and Big Data
  • Collaboration and Portals
  • Data Warehousing solutions
  • Cloud technology solutions