The telecom industry continues to grow at a rapid pace; and with growth come the underlying challenges – the most important being cost of setting-up an ever-expanding network. To achieve this, it is imperative that there is sustainable revenue through every expansion initiative.

The other important aspect is providing feature-rich services at competitive prices: which means the value for money to a provider’s client must have in it information technology involved, where possible.
Radiance’ multi-faceted team of telecom solutions team is well seized of the strategic, financial, and operational implications of integrating IT into our telecom client’s (provider) value proposition to the end-customer. Thus we are in a very good position to provide solutions to our telecom customers by taking advantage of the innovations in the use of technology – which has proven to be the key to achieving low cost and feature-rich services for many of our customers besides helping them with new opportunities vis-a-vis changing realities.

We help our telecom customers in effectively offering a good mix of services such as land-line, wireless, and broadband besides strengthening their CRM systems to deliver high performance. Our SOA and BPM services help clients realise reduced operation cost as well as high operational profits through enabling reuse, and sharing of services and resources besides allowing for a stream-lined and collaborative operational structure.

Highlights of Radiance telecom practice:

  • A team of technology specialists with loads of comprehensive experience of the sector
  • A global understanding and perspective of the telecom sector built on the basis of tons of experience over years
  • Blended model of off-shore and on-site delivery
  • Extensive support centers
  • Experience of serving numerous telecom operators
  • Our proven and demonstrable system integration capability (front & back offices)
  • Testimony of completing different telecom projects